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包装工程师 / Packaging Engineer (CM/WhuP)

发布日期: 2018-06-20 工作地点: 芜湖
工作年限: 3-4年 学历要求: 本科

Job Responsibilities
1. Design and improve finish goods package, get customer approval, Assess, approve and improve raw material package;
2. Make packing work instruction;
3. Define package materials specification, sample approval and planning;
4. Define returnable package material management (supplier’s, customer’s and BCMW’s);
5. Package cost budget plan and control;
6. Cost saving projects;

Job Requirements
1. Bachelor’s or above degree in packing engineering or industrial engineering;
2. 3+ years packing engineering work experience in manufacturing company;
3. Knowledge in ERP system, SAP(MM/SD/PP modules) is a plus, Ms-Office (MS Excel advance level);
4. Knowledge in Value Stream;
5. Good English language skills (written, spoken and reading);
6. Continuous learning;

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